1933 The Capitalist push for an Asian North

One day last week the Dean of Canterbury  (England) made the startling suggestion that the Japanese should be allowed to enter and colonise the empty lands in Northern Australia.

When the Dean’s statement was cabled to Australia the Nationalist press sent its reporters round to ascertain what leading Nationalists thought about the matter. With one. voice they declared themselves staunch supporters of The White Australia: policy.  One Nationalist Minister even went so far as to say that he would be prepared to make the supreme sacrifice for the preservation of our whiteness. Not’ so many years ago spokesmen for the  gang who now parade themselves under the Nationalist – or U.A.P. banner were Very- emphatic in their opposition to the’White Australia policy. They sneered at’ it! condemning it as ‘a fetish.’! Many of them fought vigorously in support of an ‘Open Door” through which coloured labor could pour into this country.


Here is a sample of the propaganda appearing in the anti-Labor press in those, days in opposition to White Australia: ‘The White Australia fetish must be dropped; a continued worship of it spells ruin for the North; discarding it means prosperity, progress and safety. … . .The sensitiveness of capital is such nowadays that it will not readily follow white labor in temperate latitudes, much less in the tropics. But given the security that black labor offers, and sympathetic government,  the development of Northern Australia is assured.’


History records how, years ago, the political representatives of Capitalism — they call themselves Nationalists nowadays— fought for the entry of Chinese into Australia. And there are many who still remember how, when the question of abolishing kanaka labor from the Queensland sugar-fields came before the Federal Parliament, anti-labor; politicians, the anti-Labor press and the employers’ organisations fought, tooth and claw to retain black labor in the sugar industry.


A perusal of the speeches made by Tory politicians, and the statements in the Tory newspapers of those days, will show all too clearly that the political gang who now call themselves “Nationalists” were then bitterly opposed to the true national policy of White Australia, and attacked the Labor Party and the Labor press be cause they dared to stand up’ in defence of our racial purity. –


The Australian Labor Party was responsible for the White Australia Policy It advocated it, and fought for it in and out of season, and finally compelled statesmen of all political parties to adopt it. . That the Nationalist Party now supports this great principle is only because it knows that it could not survive as a political organisation if it attempted to revert to the pernicious doctrine of colour which its Tory predecessors so strenuously advocated in the past.


The Australian Worker, 12th July 1933


Australian ‘Liberal’ or ‘Conservative’ politicians including their globalist financiers have been highly successful fighting for the abolition of White Australia’s immigration standards and the abolition of White Australia’s living standards. History teaches us that the catch cry for a “Northern Economic Zone” is not a new one,  and even since 1933 the selfish, profit-motivated gall of the financial class has been promoting almost endlessly for the introduction of cheap coloured labour from Asia; as of recent this plan has gone ahead with enormous success – not only do we have a free trade agreement with China that has allowances for more and more working visas; but we also have a 457 Visa program to ship in foreign workers to work on industries that should provide opportunity to Australian workers.

Gina Rinehart the foremost ‘fat-cat’ in this modern situation has been quoted saying ‘ Africans want to work, and its workers are willing to work for less than $2 per day. Such statistics make me worry for this country’s future.’ this to imply Australian workers must lower our standards to the state of the common negro; living in idle savagery abroad.

The Australian Parliament has held a committee on the question of a northern economic zone in which it reads “Special Economic Zones can also provide the policy framework to increase skilled migration through new or existing visa categories to address labour and skills shortages.”


Keep an eye on the financial fetishists! Rue the day our nation is tossed aside for cheaper foreign labour.

Nativist Herald