Die Ewige Seppo or The Eternal American

A great detriment to the cause of Australian Nativism, Fascism, and any other attempt to promote a society and nation of moral White people is the ever present American. Like the Jew, he manages to snake his way into every movement and inadvertently destroy it from within. When called out on their subversive nature, the American is always quick to cry foul: “How can this possibly be?” he will screech, “My 23andme results came back with a 100% Pure Bavarian Phenotype™. I have 0% Ashkenazi DNA, I am no less White than you”, however the sharper of those reading will remember the words of the great Austrian painter Adolf Hitler:

“My feelings against Americanism are feelings of hatred and deep repugnance … everything about the behaviour of American society reveals that it’s half Judaised, and the other half negrified. How can one expect a State like that to hold together?”

If America is a country “half Judaised” and “half negrified”, how then is it possible for an American to be White (Keep in mind that if you were to disagree with this point, you’d have to concede that Hitler did something wrong)? The answer is that it isn’t.

Two sides of the same coin

But how?” you may exclaim, “How is it possible for someone with a 23andme result of 0% Ashkenazi and a 100% Pure Bavarian Phenotype™ be a Jew? In fact there are many Americans you agree with. What about William Luther Pierce, George Lincoln Rockwell, or even Common Filth? Surely you’re not going to say that any of these great men are Jews?” The answer lies within the concept of spiritual Judaism.

One of Uncle Addy’s paintings

Formalised by the Austrian philosopher Otto Weininger in his 1903 book Sex and Character (Geschlecht und Charakter), spiritual Judaism is the idea that Judaism is not simply a matter of race, but rather a disease of character and psychological condition that while present in Jews, is also capable of infecting even the most noble of gentiles. As a concept however, spiritual Judaism dates back earlier, and is present in Wagner’s opera Das Rheingold, written sometime between 1848 and 1853. In Wagner’s famous work, Alberich — a dwarf who represents the stereotypical Jew, steals the Rheingold from the Rhine maidens after finding out that it can be crafted into a ring that will enable the bearer to rule the world, but only on the condition that the bearer first renounce love – a clear metaphor for not only the Jews lust for gold, material wealth, and power, but also the Jew’s willingness to sacrifice higher beliefs and ideals in his quest for these things. However when the god Wotan — a representation of higher forms and the Aryan race, finds out about the ring, he decides that he too wishes to possess it, and when he does, he willingly hands over his sister-in-law Freia (the goddess of love, youth, and beauty) to the Giants Fasolt and Fafner instead of giving up the ring and its power, thus reducing himself to the same level as the lowly dwarf Alberich and succumbing to the ways of the Jew.


Is this Jewish lust for power and material wealth at the expense of love and higher ideals not reminiscent of another national character? Were prominent members of the American alternative right not caught soliciting donations for their preaching against Jews and homosexuals while at the same time being married to Jews and engaging in sodomy? Was debate not shut down and “purity spiralling” prevented in their circles so that their audience remained un-confronted and the shekels kept rolling in? Were Richard Spencer’s plans for his Phalanx organisation not suspiciously reminiscent of a pyramid scheme? These questions are of course entirely rhetorical: there is zero doubt that even the Americans who claim to fight for our higher ideals are corrupted by the very characteristics they themselves would project onto the Semitic race.

Mike Enoch’s Aryan Waifu™

The reason for this that Americans, like the Jew, are divorced from belief in things greater than the individual:

Jews, then, do not live as free, self-governing individuals, choosing between virtue and vice in the Aryan fashion. They are a mere collection of similar individuals each cast in the same mould, the whole forming as it were a continuous plasmodium. The Antisemite has often thought of this as a defensive and aggressive union, and has formulated the conception of a Jewish “solidarity.” There is deep confusion here. When some accusation is made against some unknown member of the Jewish race, all Jews secretly take the part of the accused, and wish, hope for, and seek to establish his innocence. But it must not be thought that they are interesting themselves more in the fate of the individual Jew than they would do in the case of an individual Christian. It is the menace to Judaism in general, the fear that the shameful shadow may do harm to Judaism as a whole, which is the origin of the apparent feeling of sympathy.
-Otto Weininger

The founding document of the American is based on individual rights and the preservation of personal comfort. Our favourite Austrian painter once said “The Aryan stands firm, one with God in his attitude to the world and its people”, however while the Aryan believes in higher ideals, the eternal American, like his Semitic brother, believes only in himself. If he says he believes in something greater than himself, he will believe in patriotism based on the constitution that affords him the comforts he so desires, and if he persists and claims he not a “patriotard” or a “cuckservative”, and that he is a White nationalist, he will at best be a racist liberal who is “pro-White” because either the negroes his ancestors imported now steal copper pipe from his house to buy crack; the Chinese who were imported as cheap labour to build his railroads have exploited his belief in individualism, banded together, and are now beginning to surpass him; or his trips to the local gay bar are now at risk of being quickly halted by a rogue Muslim who, despite his heretical and degenerate ways, is at least capable of understanding Leviticus 20:13.

While these American White nationalist celebrities, who are nothing more than false idols, continue to place the Jewish ideals of power and material wealth above moral and White societies, and the Seppos continue to accept this, not only will the maxim of “Hitler did nothing wrong” remain, and there will continue to be no future for the half Judaised and half-negrified American, but if we as Australian nationalists continue to blindly follow them like lemmings, Australia’s future return to being a bastion of the moral White man will be unlikely.

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