The Third Jimpact: Lessons for Australia

The Australian phrase “No Poofters” gains an entire new level of utility today following the revelations of the Third Jimpact. The American ‘alt-right’ once again has felt an enormous fracture as a result of the longstanding policy of sodomite acceptance; this situation unfolding before us should serve as a reminder that the position of Australian Nationalism, ie: Suppression of sodomites, is the best policy.

What must be understood foremost is simply this: Sexual deviants of all stripes, fundamentally accept the principle that ‘self-indulgence is more important than duty’; they living in a state of lustful filth fundamentally reject the most important ┬átradition in our history; the institution of the family and the rule of objective moral law. ┬áSome engaged in this debauchery; without names are absolutely of the opinion that White Nationalism should be separated from, and kept free from the control of traditionalists and people with moral inclinations.

What is the purpose of having the survival of the white race if all of the traditions and moral laws we wish to preserve are thrown out the window? We do not desire the preservation of the white race simply because our skin is white; We value the white race because of its high cultural and moral standards; because in the right conditions it naturally builds the ideal national community. If we are to throw out traditionalists and moralists simply because “they harm the influx of sodomites into the movement” then we’re going to throw the baby out with the bathwater!

Australian Nationalists have a terrific lesson to take up in seeing the disgrace that is American white nationalism, We see how tolerating sodomites only deepens the stranglehold of immoral, secularist moderates in positions of leadership. This leadership is toxic, fundamentally at odds with the moral laws of the white man and ultimately amount to a horde hedonist mafia.

Nationalism in Australia will stay steadfast in its cause against sexual deviancy of all stripes; hedonism under any flag – Our men have moral laws, Our men have traditions our race has institutions.


Nativist Herald