How do you pick between two dickheads?

Greg Johnson vs Daniel Friberg.

If you want the back story read this article from and then this article from Counter-Currents, then if you want to get extra juicy continue to the comment sections.

Both articles paint a grim picture about their respective targets while admitting to little or no fault on their own part, in the one instance where Greg Johnson admits to wronging Daniel Friberg he paints himself as a selfless hero in the doing.

I also told them they could tell Friberg that I insisted he not be invited. “Nail me up,” I said, “I’ll be the fall guy.”

How noble, who could possibly expect that doing so might create enmity which might come back to bite you in the arse?

Greg Johnson says in his article.

“Not only was Friberg slandering me, he was simultaneously painting me as the aggressor and himself as the victim.”

They are both doing this.

Neither party can provide solid evidence of wrongdoing by their foe, only speculation, speculation that  Greg Johnson was involved in Patrick Boch’s attempt at taking over Arktos, and speculation that Daniel Friberg doxed members of the Scandza forum to the local antifa.

This is the nearest to an accusation that “The Arktos Staff” penned article will muster against Greg Johnson.

While we are in no way saying that Johnson masterminded this vicious attempt to either take over Arktos or destroy it, we are not saying that he didn’t do this either.

These are muddy waters indeed. In the end though, if I had to choose a side, I would side with Daniel Friberg.


Because he’s not a faggot.

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