What is the goal of this multicultural mass immigration experiment the West is collectively engaged in?

According to bleeding heart liberals we throw open our borders because we are good people, because freedom and liberty is a human right, because everyone deserves a first world way of life, because we can afford it.

We should be good people to the point of cultural suicide, because everyone deserves freedom and liberty even if they and their ancestors are incapable or unwilling to make the sacrifices necessary to earn it for themselves, and we should gift it to them at great cost to ourselves, because we can afford to give and give without diminishing ourselves or our own way of life, because our funds are limitless if you can just print money to flush down the toilet.

If the goal behind egalitarianism and equality was for theĀ third world to become the first world, if the costs incurred were for the purpose of lifting them out of their malaise to be less like themselves and more like us, I might be able to stomach it.

The actual goal is to turn the first world into the third world, to flood us with alien hordes and pull us down to the lowest common denominator.

Why? What is to be gained from doing this cultural suicide?

Because a heterogeneous, atomised, deracinated population is easier to rule and control.

This is divide and conquer writ large.

There is of course oneĀ white nation that is allowed to persist as an ethnostate.


Nativist Herald