Contemporary, ‘Radical’ Marxism: An Instrument of Neoliberalism

Australian Marxists, who today are more than likely sold to ‘Trotskyism’ or ‘Perpetual, classless, global revolution’  have made an enormous tactical error in their crusade for the well-being of workers; Most specifically the well-being of their own kindred, the Australian workers.

Firstly their crusade for the destruction of our racial borders, the ‘White Australia Policy’ has lead to the introduction of an enormous body of foreign workers who are a detriment to the preservation of our working standards, purely for political gain; Secondly this body of foreign workers has effectively been another nail in the coffin for the great Australian labour union traditions. Finally the ‘Trots’ in this country in their radical addiction to bourgeoisie immoral culture, have alienated the average working man from the working man’s cause, and kept him in a state of perpetual, intoxicated depression.

Foreign workers in this instance of course; we are referring to coloured, non-European workers who predominantly come from countries with drastically lower working standards than Australia. The minimum wage in China is $46 per week, The minimum wage in India is $18 per week, Sudan is $17 per week and the story goes on- ultimately when the Neoliberal works tirelessly day and night ( as he has ) to import these people, he relentlessly proceeds to hire them ‘off the books’ for cheap labour; most recently this was seen in 7/11 when 60% of their stores were paying coloured migrants under the national standard of wages; on average to the tune of $10 per hour; some even far less.  This tale is un-ending, and ever since 1933 it has been among the core objectives of the ‘Liberal’/’Conservative’ parties to bring in this endless supply of cheap, coloured labour to undercut the standards of White Australian workers.

Marxists in the very early days had been sold a policy of ‘Ending White Australia’ purely for the tactical advantage of both the Soviet Union ( whom we know had an interest in destabilizing the anti-communist Western nations ) and the Communist Party of Australia, Arthur Calwell the once leader of the Australian Labor Party wrote in his booklet ‘Danger for Australia’ in 1949: “The ultra-conservatives and land-barons would like vast pools of near-slave labor to make them richer; the Communists wish to bring about any condition of strife, poverty and mistrust in the community which would make good government more difficult, and therefore their struggle towards power easier.” How true it is; today the self-described “Marxist” groups and parties capitalize enormously both in votes and donations from the sections of the community whom put compassion before reason on the matter of the plight of coloured migrants; their ‘struggle to power’ being made so much easier by focusing on the issue of immigration. 

The goal of ending our racial border therefore has never been in the interest of the well-being of the Australian worker; nor ultimately has it been to the welfare of the impoverished coloured nations across the globe: The goal has more-or-less been a movement for the political health of the Communist Party, which had been an instrument of the Soviet Union. Calwell continues to write: “The Communists base their appeals on the sympathy Australians feel for the poor and oppressed in backward countries. They preach equality, but Ignore tile fact that equality does not necessarily mean similarity, or the ability to live and work together. They talk cynically of relief and new opportunities for the suffering people of Asian lands, when they know very well that whatever small number of the needy millions could possibly be taken into Australia would have no significant effect on the Asian problem.”

The Australian Labor Union movement today as it stands is almost a void in many places of foreign workers; Marxists often forget that unionism in many coloured countries is actually illegal, their quasi-democratic governments ( installed by the neoliberals ) work tirelessly to create offshore manufacturing paradises for the unaccountable, international capital which carries respect for no man, nation or divine institution.

Industrial Relations in 1995, an Australian report saw that coloured migrants ( Identified by non-english speaking background ) made up a tiny, insignificant fraction of the union movement, 59% of Unions claiming that these migrants made up less than 9% of their membership. The Australian Union tradition has been on the slide for many years; not only due to union-smashing on the part of Neoliberals, but also due to the Union losing its core, beautiful and attractive principals: The Australian Workers Union ( and Labor Party ) was founded in the cause of “The cultivation of an Australian sentiment based upon the maintenance of racial purity and the development in Australia of an enlightened and self-reliant community.

The neoliberals firstly have not only ‘broken the union‘ by bringing in millions of  coloured ‘scabs’ ( that is to say; non-union workers who will break strikes )  but secondly they have through media and bourgeois intellectualism convinced the body of the remaining Marxists to fight for their own destruction through the abandonment of the principles of Labor Australianism which built this country and its standards of living we ( sometimes) currently enjoy.  William Spence, the founder of the Australian Workers Union wrote: “There is no patriotism in the Anti-Socialist press, hence it barracks for anything the capitalist crowd asks for” and so they did, Murdoch and his puppets have always been a spine in the back of White Australian sentiment, both through attacking the unions, the old-labour principles and White Nationalism itself!

Finally it must be understood that Australian Labor tradition has always been for the advancement of the working family, it has never taken up the mantle of ‘individualism’ until very recently. ‘Bourgeoisie culture’ as we call it covers many hot topics today; Homosexuality, Transgenderism, ‘Party Culture’ ( Drugs & Alcoholism )  and Feminism: All of these topics fall very much into the domain of Individualism, that an Individual is free to do whatever it likes in the cause of self-indulgence. Often described as Hedonism this cultural and social decay is detestable and ultimately has been the chief aim of neoliberal culture killers for the last 80 years.

The average Australian working family, for whom which the old unions used to fight for: has no interest in the advancement of bourgeoisie individualism, and with it the many forms of social and moral decay that come with it:

  • Homosexuality teaches that the fulfillment of sexual indulgence is more important than the construction and protection of families and by extension communities and society at large.
  • Transgenderism teaches that individual fantasy is enough to deny reality of natural circumstance; and that ultimately fulfilling a confused identity is more important than  the construction and protection of families and by extension communities and society at large.
  • ‘Party Culture’ teaches that self-indulgence, including intoxication by drugs and alcohol and sexual promiscuity is more important than  the construction and protection of families and by extension communities and society at large.
  • Feminism teaches that men and women are somehow equal and that the natural order of male protector and female supporter should be abolished: Somehow arguing that being oppressed by capitalist at work is better than being oppressed by your husband at home.

Marxists today; take up the mantle of many of these hedonist, individualist causes and decide that ‘this is the hill to die on’ – thus alienating a great percentage of their ex-union membership, who had been more often than not churchmen who come from stable, Australian families. The advancement of these bourgeoisie cultural diseases has led to widespread depression, marriage breakdown and suicide; The contemporary Marxists yet again agreeing that self-indulgence of a few is somehow more important than the health of the Australian community at large.

Neoliberals stand to gain the most from this “Bourgeoisie culture” as they can sell more liquor, build more nightclubs ( Including ones for sodomites now too! ), double the size of their workforce by dragging women into employment and finally destroy native birth rates for white families, giving them the ‘economic mandate’ to bring in more coloured scabs to break unions and work for standards far and below the White Australian standard.

Conclusively we must understand that contemporary Marxists, geared with ‘compassion to the coloured’ have more often than not become instruments for the neoliberal machine today: In their crusade for the destruction of the White Australia Policy: fought in cooperation with the ‘conservative’, liberal machine: They have brought in millions of coloured workers who are willing to work far below the Australian standards of employment, dumping millions ( possibly billions ) into the pockets of the capitalist class who now have a dedicated, reliable workforce of coolies. The contemporary Marxists have then proceeded to ‘smash the union’ by bringing in non-unionised coloured workers from Asia and Africa and finally they have alienated White working families from the labour movement by the advancement of bourgeoisie, individualist, hedonist social causes like homosexuality, ‘party culture’ and feminism.

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