The Anti-White plot: The Democratic Labor Party

“The DLP was the first parliamentary party to oppose the White Australia policy. The DLP has always opposed capital punishment. The DLP opposes offshore detention of asylum seekers and believes that they should be settled in Australia.”

B. Santamaria

The ‘Democratic Labor Party’ was the so-called ‘socially conservative’ bloc of Roman Catholic Labor parliamentarians that split from the Australian Labor Party in 1955; Its origins can be traced to the Roman Catholic ‘National Civic Council’ which tried entryist politics into the Australian Labor Party and Trade Union movement to ‘curb communist influence’ – which resulted in H. V. Evatt expelling all alleged entryists from the party, to which they then formed the DLP.

The DLP paraded about being ‘anti-communists’ and the common Nationalist today might think that they really were.  They preached about the merits of social morality, opposing sodomy, abortion and gambling ( which indeed are noble causes ) at the cost of splitting the already conservatively minded Australian Labor Party.

DLP Parliamentary Leader Vincent Gair having a chat with some Japanese politicians.

The DLP was an interesting mixture of Roman Catholic universalism and National Civic Council ‘Anti-Communism.’  They changed their position on the White Australia Policy at the same time in which the Roman Catholic church decided to oppose it in 1951-52 ( After inviting a Japanese bishop to visit Australia for the Catholic ‘Rural Movement’ ) ; Santamaria who is somewhat the face of the DLP and NCC said:

“With the end of the Second World War and the breaking up of the colonial regimes in east and south-east Asia, and particularly with Communism’s victory in China in December ’49, that what we were going to face in the Pacific was the rise of powers of enormous population. I had very grave doubts that the Americans would enter another Pacific conflict, certainly not in the south-west Pacific, because they had no strategic interest down here. And therefore it became clear that we had to define our position in relation to the emerging nation powers”

Arthur Calwell and his family.

DLP’s interest therefore seems clear, to the cause of ‘anti-communism’ they would sacrifice Australian Nationalism, they would bring in a horde of Asians to beef up Australia’s ‘position’ in relation to the now communist Asia. It must not be forgotten that the D.L.P had actual belief that the Australian Labor Party had fallen to ‘communists’ – this was their justification for a split. Despite the fact that the Australian Hero Arthur A. Calwell took leadership of the A.L.P in 1960 and lead it until 1967 ; A staunch, uncompromising advocate for the White Australia Policy until the year before his death in 1973. 

Calwell, and the Labor party were not Communists – it’s ridiculous to suggest that they were! Social Nationalism is the mantra of Australian Labourism, The economic outlook of producerism, The advancement of working families and not land-barons or capitalists.

Calwell himself condemned Communists in his White Australian advocacy pamphlet ‘Danger for Australia’ in which he writes: ‘The Communists base their appeals on the sympathy Australians feel for the poor and oppressed in backward countries. They preach equality but ignore the fact that equality does not necessarily mean similarity or the ability to live and work together.” continuing to write: “With the activities of the millionaire press and the rantings of the Communists, emerges an ugly and terrible picture. I am convinced that the threat to our immigration policy has been coldly and villainous planned, and is very real—real enough to demand awareness of it, and willingness to fight against It, on the part of every good Australian.”

The DLP should never be remembered in a nice light. Though they chant ‘Anti-Communism’ they were really only the tool of communists, a wedge between Australian Labourists – The nail in the coffin of the White Australia Policy ; They caused the split which saw Arthur Calwell never reaching the Prime Ministers Office, It’s the split that weakened the Australian Labor Party so significantly that Gough Whitlam was able to take its leadership.

Murdoch and his press clowns constantly printing newspaper articles about ‘Reds taking over the Labor party’ – It was Robert Menzies who blew a red scare far out of proportion to kill the Labor movement so he could build roads for the (((English))) banking elite – It was the Communist Party of Australia spreading rumours about their influence in the trade unions and the Labor movement and working with the DLP to fracture the party – to create the perfect conditions to split the movement and have it fight itself to death and open the door for Non-white immigration.

Next time somebody tells you the DLP are ‘based’ – Glass them.


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