Brief History of Government interference in Australian Nationalism late 20th century.

Speech To The Inverell Forum (Saturday, March 24 2001)

Dr. Jim Saleam. (Edited version for publication)

Fellow Australians, Ladies And Gentlemen:

I appear here as an indirect result of the very subject matter of my speech.

Of late, I have had particular dealings with directors of the British-Israel World Federation in Sydney. This body has, since July 1999, been infiltrated by a group of professional provocateurs. These wreckers are neo-nazis who have set out to steal over $500,000 due to the Federation as a result of a Will. It was suggested to me and to others that the character of this group should be explained to freedom activists.

Neo-nazis. Now that’s a term! How many times have journalists and political smear-mongers bandied that term about at nationalists, patriots, freedom fighters. But, how many of you remember how on occasions in the last decade or so, that a few supposed neo-nazis have trotted out and been linked by the media – to ourselves?

Do you remember the article ‘Loose Cannons’, Daily Telegraph November 11 1995. (#### Document Produced ####) Tony Pitt, Bob Doring and Ian Murphy were smeared in this nationally syndicated piece. It was guilt by association. Threats to the Olympics, of racist violence, with a kook in Nazi regalia and the political police of Special Branch saying how dangerous it all was. Lone nutters were everywhere. Crazies could do terrorism. The chief of the police Special Branch announced his interest in extremism.

Well, I remember Tony Pitt struck back in National Interest and said he smelt an ASIO rat.

He wasn’t off beam. (#### Document Produced ####)

Causing trouble for patriotic organisations seems to me to involve three separate groups of stirrers:

First, there’s those on the outside. Like the Trotskyites of the Democratic Socialist Party, the International Socialist Organisation and so forth. They turn up to threaten patriotic people like at Pauline Hanson’s rallies, demonstrate against installations of groups like National Action, or intimidate people at the school or workplace.

Second: there’s the no-good ‘white ant’ (as one group called them) on the inside. Enough said.

Third: there’s the right-wing (I use that terms very loosely) organised version of the Trotskyite, who strikes from within the patriotic broad camp. I will show you that this function is that of the neo-nazis. Now I’m not talking about a few kids who get confused and think Hitler could have been a good bloke, a sort of saviour of white western civilisation. Some kids read a few picture books of Nazi power and become hypnotised. Rather, I’m talking about a small cadre of maybe 30-40 persons across the country in a few inter-related cells who act in a specific way to destabilise pro-Australian groups.

Add one, two, three, it’s a pattern for sure. Today, I shall expose group three.

The best way to do that is to tell you the story in a few segments.

Story One: The Maoists And The Nazis.

My story really gets under way at the Yarra Bank, Melbourne, January 31 1971, and under vastly different political circumstances to those of today. These were the days of the so-called Red menace when patriots of all sorts were expected (and many did!) to fall in behind Liberal-Country party anti-communism.

The Nazi party (National Socialist Party of Australia – NSPA) was to speak on the Yarra Bank and a huge crowd gathered.

Abraham Cykiert of the Jewish Ex-Servicemen’s Association told the crowd (which included hundreds of young Jews) to voice their rage at Nazis. But Albert Langer (you know: Mr. Vote 1,22222), then of the Worker-Student Alliance, front-group of the China-line or ‘Maoist’ Communist Party of Australia (Marxist-Leninist) said “No. Let’s march on the nazi office in Carlton and smash it”. With a roar, the crowd did exactly that.

So began what can only be called a subterranean war in Melbourne for the affection of Jewish youth. Isi Leibler didn’t like what he saw. Here were young Jews listening to a leftist party which was also anti-Zionist. These youth had to be reintegrated into the Jewish community. These ‘Maoists’ had to be marginalised.

Now people at this Forum don’t really buy the Left/Right bit any more. They agree too that even people on the ‘Left’ of politics can occasionally be correct. I say to you that this unusual group of communists hit out at the very core of state power in this country. The thing they condemned – United States imperialism – is the beast we call today the New World Order. This party had to be crushed.

And now something for Jeremy Jones of Australia-Israel Review, and for those who want to censor the Internet today to stop neo-nazi ideas getting around. That is the excuse isn’t it?: From October 1971 until April 1973, the leader of the Nazi party met in secret with the very Abraham Cykiert from the Yarra Bank. In a nutshell, they discussed how to do violence to the Maoist party. Terror began in Melbourne and across the country, bookshops, homes, people. Machine guns, bombs, arson, bashings.

The political police of Victoria Special Branch got in on the act. I can tell you from research I did that ex-members of this NSPA named detectives Shuert and Luks as the men who gave the orders for a reign of violence. As the Maoist press reveals, all this was an open secret.

And it got better. ASIO came in. When trouble grew between that agency and Lionel Murphy, a faction in ASIO used the Nazis to gas out a meeting being addressed by Deputy P.M. Jimmy Cairns in May 1973.

But they’d gone too far and the heat was on. The Nazi party was shut down with the leader fleeing to Sydney. At SB headquarters he handed over the files and dropped out. All was forgotten if he stayed out of politics. Here is the proof: from the SB files released recently (##### Document Produced #####)

Nonetheless, a formula for action existed and the neo-nazis might have other uses in changed conditions.

Story Two: Another Plot For Tim Anderson.

After 1973 down to 1975, the Nazi party went through a declining phase. But one name popped up: Bob Cameron.

In 1977-8, race was an issue with the beginnings of a refugee influx from Vietnam. Some possibly misdirected students from Melbourne decided to set the grounds for an Aussie branch of the British National Front.

This effort was taken seriously and the Commonwealth Police imported British Special Branch detective Norm Ferriss to tell them how to fight it.

Now, the audience here should also remember the vile 1978 Hilton Bomb allegations made against Tim Anderson and the Ananda Marga sect. It seems agreed by a strong sector of opinion that ASIO and the NSW Specials were looking for a way to offload the Bombing onto the Ananda Marga.

And then: a stroke of genius. Two conspiracies rolled into one. Why not bust the Ananda Marga for another bombing. That’d make them look guilty. But who would the victim be? At that point, who knows how it came about that the victim would be – Bob Cameron?

On June 8 the National Front launched itself in Melbourne. Two days later, thanks to a The Age journalist who infiltrated the meeting, it was front page news. One day thence all media announced the boss was this nonentity, Bob Cameron. The Melbourne NF students never got a leg in.

The infamous David Greason (that creature who published the 1700 One Nation names in Australia-Israel Review) and certain other persons have information that says that Cameron received $1500 from a police officer and a Jewish community identity to make his claim to fame.

And one week later on June 15 1978, three members of the Ananda Marga was charged with conspiracy to murder the “National Front leader Bob Cameron”.

This effort made Cameron the face of the Right. For the next six years his face appeared in every paper, always right next to articles concerning other efforts by patriotic people. Are you associated with Nazi Cameron? Is he your leader? Doesn’t Cameron have the largest group? At a time when a strong anti-immigration movement was necessary the State had a Trojan horse.

And one more secret for you. In May 1984, I met secretly with Cameron at the Wentworth Park Hotel. He said “police pressure” was forcing him out of politics. One week later, an inquiry was announced into the convictions of the framed Ananda Marga men.

What an operation it all had been!

Story Three: Neo-Nazis Help ASIO’s ‘Operational Success’ Of 1989-91.

ASIO claimed in its 1990-91 Report To Parliament that it had enjoyed “operational success” against two ‘right-wing’ groups in the years 1989-91. One of these was Australian National Action and the other was the (misnamed) neo-nazi group – the Australian Nationalists Movement (ANM). All this was a new development.

Before you think that I have gone off my theme by referring to a state attack on a neo-nazi group, you should know that this group under leader van Tongeren was ‘independent’ even if a carrier of a false view. In 1988-89, he arsoned Chinese restaurants in Perth and carried out robberies to get ready for his race-war and revolution. This campaign had actually damaged the pattern of Asian investment in the West. It was how the state answered this campaign that proves my argument.

An aside: I will not discuss the ASIO and neo-nazi campaign against Australian National Action of which I was then the chairman. Anyone interested can speak to me later and I will refer you to my Internet book. So: to business!

The ANM violence campaign began on September 1 1988. A restaurant was arsoned. The very next day van Tongeren was raided. Nothing. The last serious event was May 26 1989 when a restaurant was bombed. The very next morning van Tongeren was raided and some detonators found and he was charged. Between September and May as the campaign escalated, the press screamed. The ANM was a suspect. But seemingly, no police or intelligence operation was put in force to find out. Really!?

David Bradbury, a film producer, who made a documentary about the ANM case, said in 1993 that he had it on the highest authority that ASIO knew of the ANM’s guilt in all this (let alone the robberies) long before a member of ANM rolled over in July 1989. No one in authority has called for the evidence.

In a letter to the Western Australian Attorney General in 1998, knowing as I did the penalty for false allegation etc., I said this:

That in March 1989, Peter Coleman, ANM Deputy Leader, who lived in Sydney, was recruited as an informant (unofficially) for the NSW police Special Branch; it became formal in late May. In a court case in December 1990, he was revealed as an informant for the police. The Police Royal Commission referred to a certain male informant as CC18 who was clearly Coleman. There is evidence Coleman gave information about the ANM and other groups. It seems very likely he told NSW police that ANM was responsible for the restaurant campaign and finally – the robberies. There was time to prevent further ANM crime.

The WA Attorney General was not interested in the notion that ASIO let the crime spree deepen in order to run a racist terrorism trial. Cutting van T off short was not ‘useful’. Why should this be exposed now. I received a reply from the Attorney-General saying that this material was irrelevant to the case at trial. Well, three points for this profundity.

I can tell you that I have documented a lot of this in a doctoral thesis and that another student about to submit his thesis will argue the same case. ASIO knew because they received information from the NSW Special Branch.

I have here a letter from an SB file released recently (#### Poniris/Georghiou letter of June 28 1989 produced #####) which is suggestive of police prior-knowledge. We live in a police-state folks. From the ANM trial came the inevitable ‘racial vilification legislation’, surveillance of patriots and neo-nazi smears.

But the police weren’t finished with the Sydney neo-nazis who found a new star, David Palmer who joined up just as ASIO was getting on with “operational success”.

Story Four: A Campaign Of Wrecking And Provocation

This group around Palmer and Coleman has been the lynchpin for a number of neo-nazi grouplets throughout the 1990’s. As Palmer has freely admitted in a secretly tape-recorded discussion, many neo-nazis are mentally ill. One prominent Palmer follower, ‘Father’ (a priest in a mail-order crank church) Bob Leys, is right now in a mental ward in Tamworth. The issue of mental illness is not off-beat. Let me quote from a secretly tape-recorded conversation with David Palmer. Palmer said of his members:

A cluster of neo-nazi groups with colourful names: Australian National Socialist Movement, National Socialist Defending Aryan People Party, the ‘NSPA’, White Power, Australian Revolutionary Movement and others formed and disintegrated.

If I was to sum up what all these neo-nazis have done over the years, I could give you a litany of moral evil. Without naming the victims, I will cite examples. Each can be verified. Neo-nazis have:

Dealt drugs like heroin in Adelaide 1996-7

Tried to break into the home of a Nationalist leader in Adelaide whilst armed in 1996.

Dealt drugs like heroin in Melbourne in 1995-7

Burnt the car of a Nationalist leader in Melbourne in 1997.

Tried to break into the home of a patriot in Sydney in 1997.

Intimidated the family of a Nationalist leader in Brisbane in 1997-8.

Threatened and assaulted school youths loyal to a patriotic group in Brisbane in 1998.

Threatened to murder on several occasions a Sydney Nationalist personality.

Carried out innumerable ‘racist’ provocations in all cities in circumstances where the media focuses on legitimate patriotic groups.

Infiltrated the AAFI in 1993 and caused trouble.

Infiltrated the Bexley (Sydney) One Nation Party in 1997 and caused trouble.

Traded information with Special Branch and ASIO.

Operated a veritable lie factory against a number of patriotic people.

Appeared at ONP rallies in 1997-8 in Nazi regalia in Brisbane.

The classic provocation remains the appalling 1999 KKK fraud when a journalist for the Sydney Morning Herald paraded Coleman, Palmer and Leys as reps for two separate KKK groups which had infiltrated One Nation, first to toughen it, and then to break away when it didn’t quite come up to neo-nazi standards. The smear was a media beat-up. No one dared say Coleman was a police pimp and that the good crew all knew each other and had pulled this stunt before. I can tell you that I personally advised Pauline Hanson of this and it seems from one t.v. interview that just as she started to say it, the editing job began!

Not long after this media fraud, Palmer was introduced into the British-Israel World Federation. He was close to robbing the Federation of its large bequest when, but in the last fortnight, a Supreme Court action was mounted by loyal persons in the interests of the truth.

In December 1997, I had a ‘confrontation’ with this Palmer at the University of Sydney. You may choose who to believe. I say that Palmer said:

“I know what you think. You think I work with political police agencies. I’ve got more out of them than they’ve ever got out of me”.

It doesn’t stop.

What Does It Mean?

It is fair to say that the neo-nazis are used in a number of ways. Look at what they do. They have directly served political police agencies. They smear and intimidate patriotic people by collecting information which is then broadcast in a distorted way. They attack patriotic people and their property. They participate in media attacks upon patriotic organisations. The followers probably don’t understand the game-plan, but the leaders must.

Essentially, it means that some sort of operation must be in force. From the 1950’s until the 1970’s, it is an acknowledged fact that ASIO employed a number of intelligence operations against the Communist Party. Anyone who was expelled from the Communist Party or argued with the Communist Party was approached. Prominent leaders were targeted. All this today has the earmarks of a similar black-operation. We must respond in a professional way or suffer further harassment.


We are dealing with the Kangaroo Reich. The real would-be dictators are not the men in brown costumes and white hoods, but the operators in dark suits in government offices.

It’s not a question of a bad Mel Brooks movie: Seig Heil, Seig Heil, let’s goose step for a while… Ohhh no!

The neo-nazis must not be spoken to or communicated with, and when necessary be identified and expelled from patriotic groups and condemned openly in the patriotic press. Information on their black-ops must be exposed. I have prepared a Swastika Briefing paper with documents to assist you.

Don’t consider the neo-nazis – ‘extremists’. They’re not. An extremist can even be right and be simply a more thought-out version of ourselves. The term extremist doesn’t suit them. They are the mentally ill and the politically degenerate organised by a bizarre clique of leaders who play a game with the security services in which it is they who are the tools.

As enemies, they cannot be negotiated with. I believe the broad Australian patriotic, freedom and nationalist movement will overcome this planned harassment and struggle on to win Australian independence. If we have that faith and act on it, we may still be harmed by provocation, but we will go on to victories.

Thank you. I’ll take your questions.

Inside The Kangaroo Reich 

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