Chinese Drug Peddlers: Destroying Australian Society.

For the last few years; There has been an overwhelming growth in the use of the methamphetamine ‘Ice’ – it has flooded into our cities, towns and homes. Where our forefathers wrestled with Opium-smuggling Chinamen, We must wrestle with a cheap and disgusting drug,  a scourge that will not go away soon.

The Daily Telegraph reports there’s a “multi-billion dollar” crime empire in Australia being operate by “Asian gangs” – These we believe are predominantly of Chinese and Malaysian origin. Just yesterday, a group of Asians were arrested at a pier in Western Australia in which over 1 Billion dollars worth of methamphetamine was captured by police, This was over 1.2 tonnes of the drug that has already caused so much harm.

The scene of today’s record bust in Perth. Picture: Geraldton Guardian

Detective Superintendent Scott Cook of the Organised Crime Squad said: [Asian Gangs] “are joining forces and co-operating with each-other and expanding their business. Many members of the Big Circle and Triad groups are now branding themselves as ‘The Company’.”

Quite unlike skinhead and biker gangs, Asian crime gangs are highly secretive and are operating large and often undetected cells for the importing and distribution of drugs in Australia.  One kilogram of Ice is worth approximately $5,000 in China, yet on the streets of Sydney it would be worth approximately $2,000,000 dollars – this indicates that China is mass-producing the product, and this is most likely the source of most Ice in Australia today.

Police indicate they believe the bulk of ice imported into Australia comes from Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand and Korea.

More than 20 Chinamen were arrested in 2015 in connection to smuggling ice through Chinese-made furniture. The list of arrests goes on, its not even practical to recount them here today.

The Australian Parliament produced an inquiry into Chinese organised crime in Australia some years ago, the assessment confirmed that.

  • Ethnic Chinese have been for many years, and still are, the major organisers of heroin imports into Australia.
  • Ethnic Chinese have been involved significantly in illegal gambling, illegal prostitution, extortion, immigration malpractice and money laundering
  • Ethnic Chinese have also been prominent in credit card fraud.

Our founders accurately predicted the ills that come with integrating the Chinese into Australian society. They were right.

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