Seemingly every day now there is a growing quantity of African “Youth” engaging in crime and debauchery in Melbourne, Victoria.

Once the heartland of Victoria; this now diverse and more-divided-than-ever city has fallen ill to Asian drug crime and frenzied niggers out to steal, rape and loot.

It was only a few years ago (2012) when a Victorian police deputy commissioner warned that “Cronulla style social unrest” may occur if the African crime concern was not dealt with properly; he cited police statistics that showed Somali & Sudanese Africans were approximately 600% more likely to commit crimes per-capita.

Since the large media assault on this fine-minded policeman, the African crime surges have been kept under wraps. The 2016 “Moomba Riots” as we now call them have forced media attention onto the negro issue.  The ‘Rioters’ as they were called boasted baseball caps and baggy clothes, the standard nigger-culture of the modern age. The hordes of negroes charged through the city “from skirmish to skirmish” as reported by the Herald Sun; The frenzied nigger horde were allegedly bolstered by the fact they outnumbered the police.  They proceeded to “taunt the police”, The seemingly Jewish reporter who was at the incident said “The kids started running wild.” 

Since then, it almost feels like not a day goes by when you hear of another aggravated home invasion, car theft, vandalism, a small gang riot or war.  Of course! not all Africans are associated with these gangs; many of them may be very well intentioned and industrious members of the global-capitalist system.

Regardless of a few “shining examples” the general principle of importing niggers is a joke; The crime they bring with them is a cost not worth bearing to the alleged benefit of importing the “good ones”

Should we suppose for just a moment that every negro migrant was a good success story, no crime and no misconduct – At the end of the day it still results in the destruction of the Australian National Community which is tied by race, heritage and cultural-religious traditions. The very importation of these Negroes means the White Australian man feels a lower sense of identity as an Australia, he loses that sense of belonging he once felt living amongst his own kindred peoples.

Let us cast aside this Judeo-finance grip over our national politics; Economics are temporary; Race Mixing is forever – SEND THE NEGROES BACK

Could this be your daughters?
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