XYZ’s Capitulation to autism.

A response to XYZ’s “Mattys Modernlife”

Matty writes the following: “Australia is a nation with citizens from all corners of the globe whether we like it or not, but this isn’t the number one reason I am not an ethno-nationalist. The biggest reason can be summarised in two words: White women.”

The author writes that white women are “White women are at the forefront of the assault on Western civilisation. They are actively doing all they can to tear down the system that gave them a voice in the first place.” claiming they are the loudest and worst feminists, have the most disgusting public policies, and run the most dangerous and violent political parties in the country.”

He proceeds to write that Asian women are intrinsically not-feminist and are filling out the pews in dying churches around the nation. Claiming that “Christianity is key to retaking the West from the hands of the state-worshiping Marxists. ”

Nonsense! In real life white women are acting out like little brats; true – they are awful in any position of authority in Government and they are amongst the loudest feminists. However, should you make the claim that “Christianity is key to retaking the west from Marxism” you should acknowledge the fact that as a Christian, inter-racial marriage is forbidden. The holy scripture being riddled with cases against it. 

Secondly if you are advocating for Christianity; you should not advocate for abandoning your own kindred women, those whom God has ordained you share in blood.  ( 1 Timothy 5:8 “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.” ) You should advocate for winning their hearts, dominating their weaker urges and once again restoring the Christian patriarchy.

“Western Civilisation” as it has been for thousands of years had maintained that inter-racial marriage should be illegal. You believe you can “save Western civiliastion” by violating its founding principles?

Surely; The scripture retails how foreign wives have brought you to sin!

The Author continues to defile “Western Civilisation” by saying its personified by “Western values of free speech, capitalism, the rule of law under a constitution, and individual liberties.” I surely hope they are aware that the United Kingdom does not have a constitution as he imagines. Free Speech has only been an article of faith for “Western Civilisation” since the French-Seppo cult of libertines overthrew their respective nations, In the Commonwealth of Nations free speech has never been a founding article – sexual immoral text, images and blasphemy have been persecuted by law, and in some states of Australia are still technically illegal.

Matty continues to write that it is the fault of “female voters” that the welfare state has gotten to its enormous scale, that the ~real trouble~ in society is not multiculturalism or lack of ethnic identity, but the bloated welfare state! Now this is a but dubious because it doesn’t really “identify” what the “surface problems” in our society are. To take a step back, the author perhaps may just be having a cry about high taxes?

The ~real trouble~ in society is the atomisation of all white men, women and families – that there is no sense of community or national identity anymore. The author should realise; if he wanted a Libertarian, voluntarist society – they must share a common sense of belonging in order to motivate charity – the recent studies performed on social capital and diversity reflect that fact that over hundreds of years, as diversity increases – charity and voluntarism decreases!

The ~real trouble~ is that race-mixing is an irreversible curse upon our nation, and the west generally. Do you honestly think a racially mongrelised spaghetti of people will choose randomly to adapt and keep “Traditional Western values” Or will as Karl Marx said: “Take away a nations heritage and they are more easily persuaded.

People will only truly advance the cause of a culture and worldview if its the product of their own kindred ancestry. If people have no dominant ancestry, if they are the product of race-mixing for generations: They will be unable to affirm a loyalty to a single oath, unable to feel a sense of belonging to the traditions of their past.

You say “Fuck the pussy whipped little soyboys who run around crunched over, desperate to avert their eyes so as not to offend their goddess. ”

I say “Fuck the pussy whipped little soyboys who are afraid of dominating their own women, desperate to avoid being a patriarch as not to offend their autistic nature and to maintain their inter-racial sexual liberation.”


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