The Racial Nationalist origin of Australia Day

Australia day as we know it, was for many years known as ‘A.N.A’ Day, A.N.A standing for the Australian Natives Association. Anyone reasonably well-versed in Australian history will recall how A.N.A day was a celebration of White, Native-born Australians in their hard-worked, inter-colonial commonwealth.

Australian Natives Association Day, 26th of January 1898


The Australian Natives Association was explicitly a White-Australian nationalist association, entirely limiting its membership to ‘White men’ ; It alongside the Returned Service League and many trade unions was the last Australian pressure group to support and defend the White Australia Policy. Even after the death of our immigration standards, members of the A.N.A continued their advocacy for Australian principles of self-reliance and community charity by forming a private health fund and building society. ( Now known as Manchester Unity, which is cucked beyond belief – don’t even bother )

The Natives Association were the sole force in Australian society which staunchly, and endearingly lobbied the federal government for the creation of ‘Australia Day’ ; many older Australians will still call it ‘A.N.A Day’ as they remember it was the Australian Natives Association who had sole control over this celebration until the 1970s – The celebration was indeed a large celebration of the accomplishments of the White, Australian Natives, in the setting of entertainment in Australian competitions like woodcutting, rallies,  music, campdrafting and buckjumping.

It was Mr C. F. Foyle of the Australian Natives Association that proclaimed in 1944 that “If it had not been for the White Australia policy, the Northern Territory would have been overrun with Japanese long before the war (WW2)  had broken out.  The Australian Natives Association reaffirms its traditional time-honoured policy in favour of the maintenance of the White Australia Policy.”

The A.N.A had drafted in its constitution: “Recognition and encouragement of high ideals of national life and character. and the stimulation of Australian literature, art, science and industry among the aims of the Australian Natives Association – One of its main planks from a national point of view since inception has been to foster the White Australia Policy”

Australia Day as a celebration, entirely find its historical roots in the staunchly racial-nationalist Australian Natives Association; It as a celebration should be time to venerate the great achievements of the Native-born white men of Australia, the families that struggled and fought for years to establish a White Man’s commonwealth.



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