Australia literally invented Fascism

The 1904 Act of Parliament ‘Commonwealth Conciliation and Arbitration Act 1904’ brought about a federal miracle, a pillar in Australianism; Government arbitration between workers unions and employers. Unlike the rest of the world, Australian men in their national unity decided to settle issues through peaceful arbitration with the state as a fair and objective arbiter.

Americans, Poms and Frenchmen went on strike, fighting in mud and bankrupting honest companies; Australians negotiated the best possible working conditions with their employers without having to destroy them by strike action or other industrial action. The Italians take credit for ‘Fascism’ as a the birth of unity in all men in business, workers unions and government – this 1930s ideology however was a very late revelation in comparison to the Australian¬† national community who steamrolled ahead in Industrial Relations and establishing high standards of living for workers.

Australia before many other places in the world established its national currency, with the ‘Bank Notes Tax Act 1910’ allowing for the formation of a Commonwealth Bank and Government institutional control of interest rates and money supply, permitting for John Curtin’s revolutionary ‘Full Employment White Paper’ action plan which saw an average unemployment rate of 1.4% for decades in Australia, enormous UN-hindered infrastructure and industry growth which built an unmatched standard of living in this land.

For these reasons among others, Vladmir Lenin wrote a scathing letter regarding the Australian Labor movement who was instrumental in Australia’s own brand of ‘Fascism’ – – “What a peculiar capitalist country is this in which Labour predominates in the Upper House and recently predominated in the Lower House and yet the capitalist system does not suffer any danger!

The Australian Labour Party does not even claim to be a Socialist Party. As a matter of fact it is a liberal-bourgeois party, and the so-called Liberals in Australia are really Conservatives. In Australia the Labour Party has done what in other countries was done by the Liberals, namely, introduced a uniform customs tariff for the whole country, a uniform Education Act, a uniform Land Tax and uniform Factory Acts.”

Australia has its own deep-rooted, native ideal-system – the rest of the world often walks in our shadow unknowingly.

Nativist Herald