Senator Fraser Anning off to a very good start

Credit where credit is certainly due.

Senator Fraser Anning, a Queensland senator for Bob Katter’s Australia Party, a veteran and descendant from graziers – has made a mark in history by his staunch defence of the White Australia Policy today in which he highlighted rightfully the demise “our predominantly European identity” – He pointed out genuine issues native Australians have with the dumping of non-European migrants into Australia; in his case most notably African and Islamic Asiatics.

Senator Anning too, by the appearances of his interest has a firm respect for the traditional Australian Labor Party and has posted on Facebook “The Labor party of today is vastly different to the organisation that was formed in 1891. It no longer represents the workers, the Aussie battlers or people from the regions. Today they fight tooth and nail for virtue signalling PC crap and mass migration.”

Is Anning truly beginning his journey to fighting for the spiritual continuation of the Australian Workingman’s movement? His over-emphasis on Islamic Migration & African Crime brings concerns to his position on the Chinese. To which he seems to have made rare comment, Too he is very quick to ‘virtue signal’ for the favouritism of Zionist Israel.

Time will tell.

We hope that Senator Anning has a character for truth and  spiritual kinship with the Australian Pioneers and peruses classical Australian Nationalist and Labourist resources to deep-root his ideals in true Australianism.

Nativist Herald