Anti-Nationalist hysteria returns as International Finance continues to rape Australia

Whilst the ABC’s “Background Briefing” exposes a conspiracy; something obviously akin to a fully-fledged Klu Klux Klan takeover of Australian politics; Australia’s institutions continue to drown under the ocean of corruption being held down by the proverbial foot of international finance capital.
Whilst a few obviously uneducated bigots rallied themselves in different fraternal organisations across the country, and dared to step foot into a Youth wing of a political party which is in decline; International Finance-Capital continues to wage war against White Australia.

With a brief halt of the “Northern Economic Zone” ; code-word for the “Northern Asianiasation Zone” in 2011; Australia’s biggest business interests have begun scheming to tear a racial wound right across rural New South Wales and Victoria in the form of the “CLARA Plan“; The Consolidated Land and Rail scheme to build a railway system from Sydney to Melbourne and planting several “Canberra-Sized” cities along it – these cities to be the domain of a new tidal wave of foreign, non-European immigration.

“Smart Cities” wall-to-wall with the freshly Australian “university” educated migrants.  International capital continues to rape our soil of its natural resources and export it to be molded into products that would be sold back to us at an enormous profit.  The farmland which has sustained us for generations and generations now being handed over to foreign entities; both Chinese and ‘American’.

The institutions at hand today, and the hordes of deluded “anti-fascists” which defend it; will not stop until any sentiment of Australianity has been extinguished and our country an atomised, multi-racial dystopia in which we are only bound by weak sentiments of a “common species” – where all cultures are melted together into a single Hollywood-driven, Hedonistic form of self-indulgent expression.  Mindless consumerism in parallel with fast-moving ‘casual’ employment jobs keeping all men on the brink of bankruptcy and never in a position to establish a family or own property of his own.

This sure is an awful trajectory for our nation.  Organisations which embrace Australian Nationalism in the model of a Fraternal Organisation will soon become the parallel institutions of life which young, white Australian men require to advance in life and character.

White Australian Fraternal Organisations are needed now more than ever.

Nativist Herald