How the Democratic Labour Party destroyed the White Australia Policy

Have you ever wondered how exactly the White Australia policy came to an end? The answer is very simple; There was in 1955 a great apostacy of the Australian Labor tradition; a so-called “Anti-communist” version of the Australian Labor party was formed. Lead foremostly by Roman Catholic labor politicians and their puppet master B. A. Santamaria and thereby the Bishops of the Australian roman church.

Santamaria in his interview with Australian Biography details how he brought the newly formed anti-communist labor party in-line with the racially compromising views of the Roman catholic church.

I tried to do the little that I could to set the attitude of the church along this line, and whatever we could through the DLP, the attitude of the country. The DLP was the party which first urged the modification of the White Australia Policy. Neither of the major parties did.

This decision was made final in 1951-52 at the Rural Catholic movement conference in Australia in which the Roman church invited a Japanese bishop to Australia. He details how he easily influenced the Roman church:

The important thing was to try to influence the thinking in so far as I could, of the Catholic bishops in this country, and they very quickly bought the idea that, you know, on the White Australia Policy and so on. And in fact, I … the years defeat me a bit – I think it was in ’51 or ’52 – we were the first organisation to bring out a Japanese bishop to Australia.

This democratic “Labor Party” created the circumstances in which the Australian Labor Party ( who was at the time lead by the great Arthur A. Calwell ) could never be elected; its voters split and weakened. Giving the Menzies-Liberalist Government a complete strangehold over Australia’s affairs.

Australian Trade Unions like the Australian Workers Union and A.C.T.U both embraced and defended the policy of a White Australia. The so called “Democratic Labor Party” systematically de-stabilised and broke up these Australian Trade unions with their cell groups known as ‘Industrial Groups’ – claiming it was to “oppose communism” ; in reality it was to break the spirit and fighting power of Australian trade unions who lobbied for Immigration Restriction and Trade protection for Australian manufacturing.

The D.L.P are resurfacing today; unashamedly nominating Asiatics to run for positions in State Government. Never forget; their so called ‘anti-communism’ also apposed the Australian socialistic policy of a White Australia. 

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