Archibald Prize falls to Apostacy once again


J. F Archibald (left) with Henry Lawson (right)

This year’s (J. F.) Archibald prize has been awarded to a cosmopolitan Sydney artist named Tony Costa for his depiction of a Chinese woman named ‘Lee’ who is a contemporary Zen Buddhist and Sinophile whom trespasses on Australian soil and propagates ungodly Chinese cultural forces in all forms.

The decision defiles the name of Archibald whom was one of Australia’s most zealous Nativists; who advocated for Australian literature and art which represented the European-descent Australian in the Australian bush and circumstance ; Not depicting Chinese invaders in a positive light.

J. F. Archibald the founder of ‘The Bulletin’ newspaper is credited  for writing: “By the term Australian we mean not those who have been merely born in Australia. All white men who come to these shores—with a clean record—and who leave behind them the memory of the class distinctions and the religious differences of the old world … all men who leave the tyrant-ridden lands of Europe for freedom of speech and right of personal liberty are Australians before they set foot on the ship which brings them hither. Those who … leave their fatherland because they cannot swallow the worm-eaten lie of the divine right of kings to murder peasants, are Australian by instinct—Australian and Republican are synonymous.”

What would Archibald say of today’s traitorous anti-Australian artworks that are paraded in his name? I don’t think we would wish to know! 

Nativist Herald