On the insidious Globetrotter class


There has always been a significant divide in Australian society between the Native-Born, the New Settlers and the Globetrotters; The native-born are birthed and raised in the circumstances of Australia; with a uniquely ‘Australian’ outlook of the world (This in the modern day now varies if they were raised by a television unit or in a city) ; New settlers are people who have made sacrifice to call Australia home and have devoted both themselves and their offspring to the soil with the genuine intent of themselves becoming Australians and member to the national community.

Globetrotters as coined by Will J. Sowden in 1893 are a class of individuals who have no Australian identity or an intent to obtain one, they in our history are usually the Anglophilic rootless merchant class. Who travelled from the UK to make a fortune off the back of Australians by owning property and industries in Sydney, Melbourne or otherwise. Globetrotters still very well exist today; migrating from place to place from London, India to Singapore to Sydney et-cetera. These people have been an enormous hinderance to successful propagation of Australian culture by virtue of their number and influence.

Australia, a ‘Nation of Immigrants’ – certainly the case for the Central business district of any given state, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane – All inundated with New Settlers and Globetrotters. This was always the case; even during the reign of the White Australia policy – you had a large section of a city’s society born to foreign-lands, still bearing foreign worldviews and loyalties. These often being the globetrotters from the old world.

Native-born Australians are and always have been a natural minority in the urban circumstance: This leads to a significant difficulty in propagating Australian culture; it is for this reason why you can contrast the flourishment of Australian culture in the Countryside; which demographically was dominated by the native-born – and the City; which was occupied by majority with Globetrotters and New Settlers due to state capitals being the entry-point for all new migrants.

Minority groups under normal circumstances will drift to assimilate to the majority group in terms of cultural practice and worldview; In the urban circumstance: this is a mixed bag of differing foreign cultures that have not expressed a keen interest in becoming ‘Australianised’ on account of their cultural cringe.

This phenomena of minority assimilation has given rise to many generations of native-born Australians who have been ‘swept away’ in the whirlwind of foreign and competing cultures dominating our cities. Most notably of course the cultural and political dominance of the Anglophilic sector of society. (A famous example being Bob Menzies ensuring all Journalists and news-readers on the ABC had thick British accents)

The Cultural Cringe

City-dwellers principally consumed foreign cultural products imported from London and California. Reflecting the ‘cultural cringe’ of the globetrotter class: a natural inferiority complex about everything Australian and the desire to indulge in all forms of ‘foreign high culture’ – A. A. Phillips wrote on this attitude in the 1950s:

“The Cringe mainly appears in an inability to escape needless comparisons. The Australian reader, more or less consciously, hedges and hesitates, asking himself ‘Yes, but what would a cul­tivated Englishman think of this?”

The natural distaste for anything Australian is still expressed today; even in these new ‘Nationalistic’ circles, or probably more accurately called ‘White Nationalistic circles’ due to their abandonment of their Australian ethnic-nationality in exchange for a vague ‘Europeanist’ fetish; This alluding to the long-drawn ideological feud between ‘Australian Nationalists’ and ‘White Nationalists’ – Although Australian Nationalists must be white, they advance the cause of the Australian white in the context of European-descent but uniquely Australian cultural and political worldview.

You will encounter this pedigree everywhere in Australia – They are that brand of ‘Patriot’ who rotates between the Trad Latin Mass and the Young Liberal Society ballroom. They are ‘a cut above the rest’ with their unbreakable fetish for live-action roleplaying Anglo ‘High culture’ – which is principally identified by a kind of Bourgeoise radtrad intellectualism. A. A. Phillips described the intellectuals from this class with the following remarks

“There is a certain type of Australian intel­lectual who is forever sidling up to the cultivated Englishman, insinuating: ‘I, of course, am not like these other crude Austra­lians; I understand how you must feel about them; I should be spiritually more at home in Oxford or Bloomsbury.’”

These so called “Patriots” of the Roman-conservative persuasion dare I speak of them are most commonly victims of circumstance. The social and political prominence of globetrotters in the state capitals has bred a class of native-born with no true affinity with Australia, it’s people, history or cultural milieu. This phenomena has bred other pedigrees of political extremism as-well ranging all the way from Marxism to Germanophilia.  ( As previously written about )

The Call to Action

The cure to this issue is the un-ending advocacy of the Australian Nativist viewpoint. A campaign of cultural ‘assimilation’: win the hearts and admiration of globetrotters and their native-born victims; propagating through all mediums a message of Australian identity which is meaningful and holds value – this as a campaign for a whole-hearted defense of all-things Australian.


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